Jadi sebelum turn on Netflix, kita lebih baik turn on our mind, supaya bukannya procrastination tapi jadi inspiration.

Netflix and Chill adalah salah satu tagline yang sering banget disebut oleh banyak orang, dan memang kebanyakan orang sering banget bilang gini:

“gw mager nih, mau netflixan aja”

dan malah udah banyak…

Too often we focus on How do people trust me, but not on “How can I trust others”

Here goes,

  1. Triple checking the report that the Juniors have made
  2. Creating that special sauce in the kitchen at 4 am every morning or,
  3. Answering all phone calls from the client every…

Christopher Tobing

Program Director Big Change Agency Indonesia. Been working with leaders, teams and organisation since 2012.

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